Collaborating Congregations

Collaboration is a very important value in the Spiritan tradition and this is evident in SIST. Two religious Congregations collaborate with Spiritans in providing personnel to run the institute: the Claretians and the Daughters of Divine Love.

The Claretian Missionaries
The Claretians are a religious missionary Congregation of priests and brothers founded by St Anthony Mary Claret in 1849. As an order, they are dedicated to seeing the world through the eyes of the poor which makes them very close to Spiritans. Right from the inception of SIST, the Claretians of Nigeria Province have been associating with it by using it as the seminary for training their candidates in theology and even more, contributing in staffing the institution with lecturers. Their students and teachers live together in a community very near but outside SIST from where they come to classes and participate in other activities of the institute. In the meantime, there are two Claretian lecturers in SIST: Frs Cajetan Anyanwu (Fundamental theology) and Philip Igbo (Biblical theology).

The DDL Sisters

The Daughters of Divine Love (DDL) is a female religious Congregation founded by one of the first indigenous Nigerian Spiritans, the late Most Rev Bishop Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye, C.S.Sp. The history of its collaborative contribution in SIST dates back to the year 1994. The members of this Congregation who work at SIST exercise different functions ranging from administrative and secretarial to catering services. They form a community and live in a convent within the school grounds but separated from the Spiritan Community.

Members of this Community
At present this Community is made up the following
Sr Mary Sylvia Nwachukwu (Scripture lecturer)
Sr Elizabeth Ekot, (Secretary to the Rector)
Sr Chidalu Ononiwu, (Secretary to the Registrar)

Note: Spiritans are still open to having other groups and congregations join hands with them to make SIST the best seminary and school of theology that it could be. Would you like to collaborate in any way?


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