Sports and Culture

The Second Vatican Council encouraged Christians and theologians to promote the cultures of the people to which they belong or where they live and work because the Gospel comes to life only when it assumes the flesh of such cultures. In response to this, the promotion of culture and sports formed part of the tradition of our institution right from its inception. Annually, we organize a cultural week during which a lot of cultural creativity is exhibited and healthy competitions are held between different groups of students. Among other things, this annual event helps to bring talents to the lime light.

In matter of sports, emphasis is laid on soccer, volley ball, basket ball, lawn tennis, ping-pong, badminton, track and field events. Every student is encouraged to be actively engaged in at least one of these and to try his or her hands on as different sporting events as possible.

There is a noble tradition that all the major seminaries in the country hold a cultural festival or sports competition every other year. Our seminary has always participated actively in these.

The Director of Sports and Culture: He is a lecturer appointed by the Rector and confirmed by the Academic Board to direct and promote sports and culture at SIST. The present director is Rev Fr Dr Charles Ebelebe C.S.Sp.

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