Spiritual Formation

This is realised through the following:


Our priestly religious formation is shaped by the daily Liturgy of hours and Eucharistic celebrations. Our liturgical celebrations are designed to foster inculturation and internationality. They are meant to expose students to different forms of liturgical celebrations so that they can feel at home anywhere in the local church and in mission ad extra.

Liturgical groups

All confreres on formation are divided into groups. These groups plan the liturgies of the community. Each week's liturgy is led and facilitated by one group. Moreover, these(s) groups help to ensure that every confrere takes active part in liturgical preparations and celebrations.

Weekday masses are celebrated respectively in the following languages: English, Igbo, Latin, and French.

Choir Practices
There are choir practices on Mondays and Saturdays. Hymns from different cultural groups and of different languages are learnt and used in our celebrations. Two choir masters are appointed every semester who take charge of these practices.

Spiritual Conferences
The Spiritual Director gives spiritual conferences on first Tuesdays and third Thursdays of every month. The conferences dwell generally on issues related to the spiritual life of the community.

Spiritual Direction
A number of spiritual directors are chosen to attend to confreres in formation. They belong to different congregations: Spiritans, Capuchins, Conceptionists. Every student meets his Spiritual Director once a month.

Seasonal Recollections
Seasonal recollections are organised every first week-end of liturgical seasons: Advent, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

Annual Retreat
The annual retreat takes place at the beginning of the academic Year.

Pious Societies
Pious societies like Legion of Mary, Verbum Dei, Charismatic Movement, St Anthony's Guild, etc, provide forum for students to deepen their spirituality. Each of these societies has a chaplain, usually one of the formators in the community.
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