Spiritan Community in SIST

Living in community forms an integral part of the life and mission of Spiritans worldwide. We believe that being part of a healthy community is essential to effective missionary responsibility. Hence, the formation of its members is done most concretely within the context of the community in order to initiate them into this way of life. All the Spiritan students and staff that live in SIST constitute a community called SIFCA, that is, Spiritan International Formation Community, Attakwu which is in fact within the same establishment (SIST).

Our community is another kind of classroom where we learn to live, pray, work, celebrate and sorrow together as a family. In it, people are provided the environment to discover and develop themselves and to use their talents for the service of one another. We encourage each other daily to become the best that one could be as we bear the burden of one another's processes of growth. Maturity is sought by responding to the demands or challenges of relationship experienced in community.

Meals, liturgies, birthdays of every member, bereavements, the national days of the various countries represented in the community and other important feasts like Pentecost or Founders days are all moments of solidarity for our community. In all, our community expresses itself most fully and concretely in the context of the daily Eucharistic celebrations.

Fraternities: To ensure that nobody is alone or a stranger or lost within the larger group, the community is broken down into smaller units or fraternities, each with a formator to animate it. These various fraternities meet regularly to pray, to discuss some particular issues or to celebrate Mass.
Functions: Everybody is encouraged to be proactively involved in the life of the community and to contribute effectively to its growth. So, each one of us is entrusted with a charge (function) and through this each person contributes to the running of the place. For example, some take charge of the sacristy, the cars, the electric generator, the classrooms or the choir.

Towards Self Reliance in Community: We embark on some projects towards our feeding and maintenance.  Principally, we farm. We cultivate some basic crops and vegetables such as yam, cocoyam, pumpkins, and water melon. We have a poultry as well as plantain and pineapple plantations. We also maintain some palm trees from which we get cooking oil. Each of these could be done on a larger scale but due to financial limitations that is not yet the case now.

Inspired and strengthened by the noble traditions of Africa, the Spiritans and Christianity, our community places a lot of emphasis on hospitality. We strive to create environments that make our guests feel not just as strangers but as members of our family whether at prayers, liturgical celebrations, meals or other aspects of our common life.

The Principal Community Administrators
The Rector: He is the overall executive head of the establishment; Fr Jude Ogbenna.

The Community Superior: He is like the father of the family who sees to the welfare and smooth running of the community; Fr Charles Ebelebe.

The Director of Formation: He directs the affairs of the students in all matters relating to their Spiritan priestly formation in the community; Fr Bede Ukwuije.

The Bursar: This is the person who manages the finances and material resources of the community; Fr Jude Duruaku.

The Spiritual Directors: They are  not strictly involved with administration but their role is very vital to the life of the community. They coordinate programmes for our spiritual growth by organizing regular retreats, seminars, conferences, and confessions; Fr Anthony Ekwunife

Other Staff Members of the Community
Fr Ernest Munachi Ezeogu
Fr Ferdinand Ezekwonna
Fr Gabriel Mendy(Assistant Community Superior)
Fr Brendan Aroh
Fr Bonaventure Ikenna Ugwu
Fr Kieran Alaribe
Fr Paschal Ndieze
Fr Mathias Aloyenu


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