Our Programme of Study

Our Programme of study

As an academic institution with a particular vision, SIST formation is holistic and geared towards excellence. Experiences in the field are brought into the planning of the course programme; they are integrated into the lectures and discussions in the classroom; and the influence the writing of term paper, projects and examinations. SIST Programmes are broken into two departments: Religion and Theology. Every department is fully informed by issues and questions arising, from the context. Issues of global and contextual concern in the areas of Religions and Theology define how we live and study.

Right from the beginning, the proprietors of SIST had in mind that it would grow beyond the traditional seminary to become a place for imparting quality education in religious and theological studies. Thus, it is affiliated to the University of Nigeria Nsukka for its B.A. in Religion and Cultural Studies and to the Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA for Theological studies.

Put simply, SIST offers Basic Certificate in Theology, Diploma in Theology, Higher Diploma in Theology (BA Equivalent), BA Religion degree, of University of Nigeria Nsukka at the end of third year of theological studies and MA in theology with Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost in Pittsburg, USA.