Pastoral Outreach

Every year the seminarians undertake between six and seven weeks of pastoral work in parishes and other places like schools where we have apostolate. Usually, they are sent to places outside their cultural zones so that they would start to get accustomed to working in settings culturally different from theirs.

In the course of the academic year, all the students, seminarians and non-seminarians alike undertake pastoral work within the locality in which we live. Every student indicates his or her choice of apostolate which involves going to parishes, prisons, hospitals or schools.

In all, we seek a harmonious combination of both theory and praxis in the training of our students.

The priests and formators in the seminary provide regular pastoral services to different parishes, associations and religious houses around and beyond the diocese of Enugu in which we live. Besides daily Masses, they go every Sunday to help in neighbouring parishes where their services are needed. During the seasons of Lent, Easter and Christmas they assist a good number of priests in parishes in confessions and other sacred duties. Some of them direct retreats and others serve as chaplains to pious societies at diocesan or national levels. Simply put, they make themselves available wherever the Church needs their ministry.


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