Non Seminarian Programme

Our Programme of study

This is a new programme of theological studies which is organized for religious men and women and the laity. The general idea behind this programme is to raise strong men and women for and in the Church through a combination of theological and spiritual formation. Their courses are carefully chosen to suit different needs. The programme ranges from one year certificate course to five years degree awarding course.

The founding fathers of SIST had in mind that this establishment would serve both as a seminary and an institute of theology for the formation of the laity to play active roles in the Church in Africa. Knowing that there is no future as such for the Church without the participation of the laity in the various processes of ecclesial life, SIST wants to contribute to training men and women in the act of faith seeking understanding.

Scholarship: To promote interest in theological studies and to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from this rare opportunity for lay people in Africa, we intend to create a scholarship to cover at least part of this training.

Challenges: Funding is still the major problem facing the continuation of this programme; certain basic structures such as hostels are yet to be in place and hiring teachers for philosophical courses call for much money.

Individuals and organizations interested in empowering lay people for collaborative ministry in the Church are invited to come to our assistance.
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Available programmes are :

Bishops, Parish priests, Superiors, Mother Generals and Founders of various religious congregations should Endeavour to take advantage of this opportunity by recommending their members or parishioners to come and enroll in this programme. Independent candidates are also welcome.