Human Formation

Human formation

This area of formation is centered on Human/Emotional/Relational Development

Development of personal talents

'Students are encouraged to develop their talents for their own good and that of the mission of the church. They are encouraged to belong to cultural associations such as, Christocendo (traditional Igbo dance group) SICMO (Spiritan International Community Musical Orchestra), French Club, Caritas-Justice and Peace Association.
Farming is part of our formation and, as such, every student participates in it. This helps us to contribute to the self-reliance of the community while still developing farming skills.
Participating in at least one Sport discipline not only strengthens the individuals physically but also strengthens relationships in the community.

One to one accompaniment

Students of each class are accompanied by a member of the formation team. He helps students on a one to one basis to evaluate their human, emotional and relational growths