Formation Programme

The programme hereby presented is an elaborate description of the formation process as practiced at SIST. This programme of formation is structured in such a way that the Spiritan formation community is distinct, though not separated, from the school. While the Rector is in-charge of the entire SIST as an establishment, the Director of Formation is directly in-charge of the formation programme. The Community Superior sees to the general welfare of the community.

Five major areas are covered in this Spiritan programme of formation: Intellectual Formation, Spiritual Formation, Human/emotional/relational Formation, Community Life, and Pastoral formation.

The Director of Formation meets each student once a semester.

Conferences with the Director of Formation
The Director of Formation holds monthly conferences with the students. Themes are chosen and exposed at each conference. These(s) themes are related to [the] major areas of formation mentioned above. Some of these themes include:
  • Intercultural conversion
  • Skills for human relationship in the formation community
  • The practice of the evangelical counsel[s] in the contemporary world
  • Healthy coping with the challenges of human sexuality in the priestly religious life.
  • Ministries in the Church
  • Stress management in the context of pastoral ministry
  • Spiritan spirituality (Libermann, Poullart des Places, Laval, Brottier, etc.)
Formation Team
All the Spiritan priests or brothers who live and work in SIST community constitute the formation team. From among them, there are four priests who together with the Rector make up the Coordinators of Formation. Their job is to accompany the confreres in their journey of discernment and growth on a one to one basis. Finally, there is the Director of Formation who coordinates and oversees the entire framework of Spiritan formation at SIST.

The Coordinators of Formation:
Very Rev Fr Dr Jude Ogbenna, C.S.Sp. (Rector)
Rev Fr Dr Bede Ukwuije, C.S.Sp. (Director of Formation)
Rev Fr Dr Bona Ikenna Ugwu, C.S.Sp. (Asst. Director of Formation)
Rev Fr Dr Charles Ebelebe, CSSp. (member)
Rev. Fr Dr Gabriel Mendy, C.S.Sp. (member)

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