Awards of Excellence

Various awards are given to students with a view to promoting the mission and vision of the institute. The oldest is the ELOCHUKWU E. UZUKWU AWARD instituted in honour of the first and one of the longest serving rectors of SIST, Fr Dr Elochukwu E. Uzukwu, CSSp.

Other awards include:
The Best Thesis Award
The Award for creativity in Arts
The Award for Creativity in Writing (within SIST)
The Award for Creativity in Writing (beyond SIST)
The Award for Creativity in Music
The SIST Student of the Year Award

1. The Elochukwu Uzukwu Award

This award goes to the most academically successful student of the year for the B.A. Religion and it is determined through use of the Cumulative Grade Point Average. For example, the student who qualified for this exalted position in 2007/2008 academic year distinguished himself in very exceptional way by making a cumulative point average of 4.93 over 5.0.

2. Award for the Best Thesis
As we all know, there are different kinds of writing. The long essay and/or thesis represents about the most formal type of academic project. It has its own style and methodology which demand very rigorous discipline on the part of the student/researcher. Based on the evaluation of the students' project supervisors, the external examiner and some members of the faculty selected by the Award Committee, the theses of each year are assessed to determine the winner of this award. A lot of variables are considered in order to select the winner and these include: the content and methodology of the work, the richness of its literature review and of its references, its originality and relevance particularly to the context of Africa today. In the end, one thesis emerges winner.

3. Award for Creativity in Arts

Human existence in general and our life at SIST in particular would be highly impoverished if we did not have the gift of arts which for us here extends to the areas of drama, painting, drawing, carving, photography and even barbing. During the All Nigerian Major Seminaries Festival of Arts and Culture (ANMSFAC) held in Abuja in February 2008, the drama written, directed and presented by our students sent the whole audience into a real taste of eternity as they for a while lost sense of being in time. The barbing done by our seminarians can conveniently compete with those by professionals in any renowned barbing salons in Nigeria. This award is given to the student that made the most valuable contribution in these areas.

4. Award for Creativity in Writing
This award aims at encouraging students to cultivate the habit of research and writing right from their first year in SIST. We distinguish between writings made available for readership only within the school and beyond the institution. The "Hot Pen" is a forum within the school which affords students the opportunity to interact by writing and publishing. For example, the student with the most laudable contribution to the "Hot Pen" in 2007/2008 class of B.A. graduates gave birth to more than 29 quality articles which cover a wide range of issues.

On the other hand, the student who won the award for creative writing beyond SIST has had major articles published in the following: Beyond Frontiers, NACATHS Journal of African Theology, Insight, Verbum Dei Magazine, The Saviourite Magazine, Scroll Magazine, and Sing Magazine.  

5. Award for Creativity in Music

Some Members of the SICMO
Our institution is a place of prayer because it is a seminary established for training future leaders of the people of God. St Augustine rightly said that whoever sings well prays twice. SIST is known and loved for her culture of singing; our liturgical celebrations are often spiced with angelic songs. Music is offered as a course in our institute since its inception. Besides the choirs, there is also a music group, SICMO (Spiritan International Community Musical Orchestra) which helps to make music our way of life. The award for creativity in music is given to the student who in the course of years at SIST made the most valuable contributions towards building up and nurturing this culture. For example, the winner of this award in 2007/2008 has a good number of hymns composed and has directed SIST choir on different occasions and at different times.

6. Award for the SIST Student of the Year
The SIST Student of the Year (SSY) might as well be called the first among equals. Our institution stands for excellence in various areas of life and its goal is to produce men and women who are fully mature and able to live and act proactively in every context. Integral development epitomized in the pursuit of excellence in academics, sound spirituality and care of the environment is our desire. A thoroughly objective survey is carried out in order to identify the student who approximates most closely these visions, goals and ideals of the institute. The opinions of not just a sample but the entire students and of the full-time members of the academic staff are taken on board to arrive at the selection of this candidate.

Appeal for Endowment of SIST Awards
Interested men and women are wanted within and outside Nigeria to help us to realize the vision of SIST by endowing the existing awards or by creating new ones. An endowment can be created with any amount of money beginning from N20,000.00 (twenty thousand naira) or $200.00.
Please contact the Chairman, SIST Award Committee for details.
The Chairperson
SIST Award Committee
P. O. Box 9696, Enugu
Enugu State, Nigeria.

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