The SIST Governing Council (SGC): This is the highest ruling body in the structure of SIST. It has a President who is appointed by the Superiors of the UCAWA (Union of Circumscriptions of Anglo Phone West Africa). The Secretary is always the Academic Dean of the School. Other members are the Superiors of UCAWA, the Rector, the representatives of collaborating religious congregations such as the Claretian Missionaries, the Saviourites and the Daughters of Divine Love. Some legal and financial experts are invited as part of it. A representative each from the institutions to which SIST is affiliated is always invited to take part in its meeting.
The SGC holds an annual meeting before the beginning of each academic year during which major issues affecting the institution are discussed and decisions taken on them.

The current President of SGC: Rev Fr Dr Paulinus Odozor, C.S.Sp, Associate Professor of Moral Theology, Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana, USA.
The Secretary: Rev Fr Dr Bona Ikenna Ugwu, C.S.Sp, Academic Dean, SIST.

The Academic Board

This organ is second only to the Governing Council in rank and it consists of the Rector as Chairman, the Registrar as Secretary and all full time senior staff and lecturers. This Board makes executive decisions on how the school is run. It meets every month and at other times if the need arises. It is convoked by the rector.

Principal Administrative Officers

This comprises of the following:

Rector: Very Rev Fr Dr Jude Ogbenna, C.S.Sp.
Vice Rector:   
Academic Dean: Rev Fr Dr Bona Ikenna Ugwu, C.S.Sp.
Registrar:  Rev Fr Matthias Aloyenu , C.S.Sp.
Chief Librarian:  Rev Fr Brendan Aroh, C.S.Sp.
Bursar: Rev Fr Jude Duruaku, C.S.Sp.

The Rector: He is the chief executive of the institute and in carrying out his duties he is responsible to the SCG and in certain matters to the Academic Board. He is always a Spiritan. He works in close collaboration with a group who with him constitute the administrative team. This team includes:
The Vice Rector: This post is also reserved for Spiritans and he acts for the Rector when delegated or in his absence.
The Academic Dean: He/she oversees and organises the academic programme of the institute. He liaises with the institutions to which SIST is affiliated on matters of academics and his/her office is responsible to the Rector's.
The Bursar: This is the person in charge of the financial affairs of the school. He is a member of the administrative team.
The Registrar: He/she manages the secretariat and records of the institute particularly examination results and transcripts. This office works in very close collaboration with the Academic Dean's and it is also responsible to the Rector?s.
The Chief Librarian: This officer takes care of the library and forms part of the administrative team.

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